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Infrastructure for green energy apps

Companies of all sizes, from startups to the largest energy companies in the world, use Enode's APIs to create new green energy apps and services.

Join other industry leading companies in building the future of green energy apps

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  • EON
  • Elton
  • Statkraft
  • Zapmap
  • Ovo energy
  • Gudbrandsdal energi

Our platform

The A-Z of what you need to build the future of green energy apps

A fully renewable energy system is dependent on flexible demand that can adapt to the intermittent supply from wind and solar. To create this flexibility, we need to connect to and control the fast-growing demand from electric vehicles, heat pumps, and other energy hardware.

Our Connect API handles the complex task of connecting to and controlling all energy hardware OEMs across electric vehicles, thermostats, solar inverters, and home batteries.

Our Optimize features, including smart EV charging, help your users consume energy in an innovative, more sustainable way.

And our Aggregate engine lets you control all of your users' energy hardware as a single virtual power plant.

That way, you can focus on building the best green energy apps the world has seen.

connection handled by you
connection handled by Enode


One powerful API, hundreds of EVs and energy devices

Easily connect to and control your customers’ electric vehicles, thermostats, solar panels and more.

  • One API for over 20+ hardware brands
  • 100+ devices supported and counting
  • SDKs and ready-built connection flows
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Enable smart energy use cases for your customers

Ready-made building blocks to help your customers consume energy in a smarter, more sustainable way.

  • Out-of-the-box smart charging APIs
  • Statistics and insights APIs
  • Endpoints to build your own features
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Accelerate the transition to a sustainable future

Aggregation of flexible demand is key to a grid powered by renewable energy. By aggregating your customer's energy loads you can smooth out intermittencies caused by renewables. It also provides new revenue streams for your business.

  • Participate in flexibility markets
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Monitoring, demand response and reporting APIs
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By developers, for developers

A single API for hundreds of green energy devices

Access and control 100s of EV models and energy devices through a few lines of code, and save months of tedious integration work.

  • A single RESTful API for all connections
  • Web and native SDKs for hardware connection
  • Enterprise grade security by design
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Why Enode

Join other industry leading companies to accelerate green energy

Companies around the world, from startups to large energy providers, work with Enode to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy system. The apps and services we power prevent emitting several tonnes of CO2 every day and help consumers use energy in a smarter and greener way.

About our company
  • 60+ millionEnergy customers reached
  • 100+Energy hardware models supported
  • 100GWh+Managed through the Enode platform
  • 25%Average savings using Enode's Smart Charging

Use cases

Smart charging

Optimize the charging of your customers EV with the click of a button

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Energy management and insights

Give your customers insight about their energy consumption

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Demand response

Unlock the ability to participate in flexibility markets

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Provide smart route planning and rich EV data during public charging

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Industries and applications

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  • Energy companies

    Create engaging energy apps that increase retention and enable demand response revenue streams

  • Energy startups and apps

    Build the next wave of green energy apps, connecting directly to your users' hardware

  • E-mobility providers

    Get real-time EV and charging data across multiple OEMs into your apps and services


    Create residential DR programs with direct access to user's EVs, thermostats and more

  • EV fleet managers

    Get SoC and location from your entire fleet in real time - at a fraction of the cost compared to OBD

  • Utility and grid owners

    Anticipate grid constraints with aggregated EV data and build demand response programs at scale

  • Smart home providers

    Integrate EVs, thermostats and other energy hardware into your solution - no hardware hub required

  • Don’t see your industry?

    We also partner with other types of companies. Reach out to learn what we can build together!

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