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Accelerate the transition to a sustainable future

Aggregation of flexible demand is key to a grid powered by renewable energy. By aggregating your customer's energy loads you can smooth out intermittencies caused by renewables. It also provides new revenue streams for your business.

  • New revenue streams

    Sell you flexible loads to TSOs and DSOs through flexibility markets.

  • Plug and play

    Our aggregation endpoints require no setup.

  • Market agnostic

    Our aggregation endpoints are designed to be compatible with all major flexibility markets.

  • Enable sustainability

    The more flexible demand we have available, the more renewable energy we can utilize.

How it works

The fastest way to participate in flexibility markets

  • Monitor available load

    Monitor your aggregated load in real time and connect the data stream to third parties via our API

  • Activate flexible load

    Once connected, you can regulate aggregated loads programatically based on any market signal

  • Get reports of your contribution

    Continuous and accurate reporting of your delivery to the markeds you participate in


Monitor available load

Our advanced prediction models let you accurately report on your expected flexible loads within different geographies and time horizons.

  • Easy to report on available loads
  • No need to build your own prediction models
  • Accounting for idiosyncrasies related to different hardware categories
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Activate your aggregated loads

Activate your loads programmatically through our endpoints. Activations can be defined across a wide spectrum of parameters and are compatible with most flexibility markets.

  • Easy participation in flexibility markets
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Supports up and down regulation
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Get reports of your contribution

Different flexibility markets have different reporting requirements. We make sure you can prove your contribution to the markets you participate in.

  • Audited contributions
  • Reliability and accountability
  • Transparency
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Start exploring our APIs for free with our Starter plan, or get in touch to have us put together a custom plan for your company.

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