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Use case

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs)

A Virtual Power Plant is a cluster of distributed energy resources (DERs), like home batteries and EVs, which can be controlled remotely as one entity. A VPP aggregates DER capabilities to discharge stored energy, or reduce energy consumption at short notice in order to balance the grid.

  • Monetize your user base

    Help users reduce their energy bill, and split the revenue or credits they receive for sharing excess energy.

  • Help users reduce their carbon footprint

    Give users the ability to contribute to a more sustainable energy system, and reduce the carbon footprint of their community.

How it works

Enable users to participate in your VPP

Users connect home batteries

Users sign into their OEM account using Enode’s link UI, and easily connect their home battery to your app.

Users access home battery data

Users instantly see their home battery data, including real-time energy usage.

Users enroll in your VPP in your app

Users opt in to enable the discharge of their home batteries when the grid needs support, while maintaining energy security. Users who auto-dispatch energy to the grid can be rewarded with a share of grid-event energy revenue.

The VPP tech stack

New to VPP? Below are the components you’ll need to launch it within your app

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Enode integration

Battery information

Reads the home battery make, model, model year and capacity.

State of Charge (SoC)

Reads the current home battery level, charge rate and charge time remaining to calculate optimal charging window.

Charge or discharge commands

Sends a command to remotely charge or discharge the home battery.

Optimized charge and discharge

Automatically charges user’s battery based on price data or demand response events.


Monitors the total capacity of all connected home batteries which make up your VPP.


Activates your VPP and reduces load within 10 seconds for most home batteries.


Provides reports on actual flexibility delivered by your VPP.

Energy market pricing data - supplied by Enode

Nordpool or EPEX spot hourly pricing

Available across Europe. US customers can provide Enode with energy market pricing through our tariff API.

Time-series pricing data

Users can input information directly.

Frontend application

Frontend application

Your mobile or web application.

Ready to get started?

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