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Home chargers

Connect your users' home chargers to your app

Unlock new use cases like home energy management and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), without the need for additional hardware. Energy management and e-mobility apps use Enode’s API to connect to and automate their users’ home chargers.

  • Access comprehensive home charger data

    Surface real-time data from 7 home charger brands and 17 different models via a single API.

  • Simplify your system architecture

    Trust a single integration to securely access normalized home charger data, and send commands like stop/start charging.

  • Launch new revenue streams in record time

    Cut engineering complexity and take new use cases to market faster.

Home chargers

What is a home charger API?

Residential EV Supply Equipment (EVSE), or home chargers, provide electric vehicle (EV) owners with greater flexibility and control over their charging experience.

Almost every home charger can connect to the internet. This connectivity is made possible via API. APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow the exchange of data between users’ home chargers and management apps, without the need for additional hardware.

Home charger APIs can send commands to start/stop charging according to a predefined schedule. They can also dispatch energy to the grid to help balance supply and demand, and maximize the use of renewable energy.

Customer story

VOOL helps users save money with smart scheduling

VOOL, one of Estonia's fastest-growing companies, is switching up the way users charge their EVs - by making it both affordable and profitable. Known for their beautifully designed EV chargers, VOOL has partnered with Enode to ensure that all EV owners can optimize their charging by connecting to the VOOL app - no matter the charger brand.

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Home chargers

Popular use cases

  • Smart scheduling

    Creates and automates a customized EV charging schedule to suit users’ preferences.

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  • Demand response

    Balances the grid by delaying charging during demand response events.

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  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

    Automatically discharges excess energy back to the grid at times of peak demand.

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Home charger API data and commands

Enode’s API gives Product Managers access to a wide range of home charger data and commands.

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Home charger data


See information about the EVSE, like brand and model.

Charge state

See information about the EVSE, like charge rate, plug-in state and more.


See the EVSE’s GPS coordinates with timestamp.

Charging statistics

See historical charging data for the EVSE, including different resolutions and time intervals.

Start and stop charging

Register a request for the EVSE to start or stop charging.


Set a charging schedule for the EVSE.

Max current

Adjust the charging current for the EVSE.

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