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Connect to and control thousands of energy devices

Connect to 1000+ EVs, solar panels, thermostats and more with one powerful API. Surface data from them all in your app.

How it works

Integrate hardware in minutes, spend time building features

  • Connect to a single API

    Get up and running with our Connect API in minutes, and get access to hundreds of EVs and other energy devices in one place

  • Integrate your customers’ hardware

    Your customers are guided through hardware connection with our Connect UI flows for web and mobile, making integrations a breeze

  • Build powerful features

    Access and control your customers’ hardware through carefully unified endpoints to build your own custom functionality

  • Extend with Optimize

    Save months of development time by utilising our powerful Optimize building blocks for smart charging, scheduling, insights and more

Connect API

Hundreds of EVs and energy devices, all in one powerful API

Our Connect API gives you as a developer instant access to the broadest set of energy hardware integrations - all with consistent endpoints across brands and models. We do the heavy lifting of integrating to hundreds of OEMs and giving you a fully documented API with example implementations. That way you can focus on building world-class energy apps that take us closer to a zero carbon energy system.

  • Electric vehicles

    Access SoC, location and control charging for 90% of EVs on the road

  • Home chargers

    Control charging and set schedules for the most popular home chargers

  • HVACs

    Adjust temperature and set smart heating schedules for thermostats and heat pumps

  • Solar panels

    See real-time production from leading solar inverter brands like Fronius and SolarEdge

  • Home batteries

    Monitor energy flow to and from home batteries like Tesla Powerwall and Enphase

Get to know our Connect API

  • Full API reference

    Learn the ins and outs of our API with our extensive reference

    Browse reference
  • Getting started

    Guides to help you get up and running building with Enode

    Read guides
  • Feature guides

    Deep dives on features like smart charging, scheduling and webhooks

    Read guides
  • Reference articles

    An overview of versioning and specifications, errors and problems and more

    Read articles

Connect UI flow

Make hardware connection a breeze

Our readymade Connect UI flow is fast to implement across web and mobile. Your customers are guided through a simple process to link their hardware to your app within minutes.

  • Choose hardware to link

    Your customers pick their EV or hardware brand within the category you provide.

  • Enter credentials

    The customer enters their credentials for the selected hardware. We’ll help them if they get stuck or lost.

  • Accept connection and data flow

    Once authentication and hardware connections are successful, the only thing left is to accept the data flow. That’s it!

Connect UI features

  • Web SDK

    Build our Connect UI flow into your web or mobile app with a few simple steps.

  • Native SDKs

    Implement our Connect UI flow for iOS and Android for deeper integration with your app.

  • User privacy in focus

    Specify what data the user shares and clearly communicate why to stay GDPR compliant.

  • Optimized for security

    Security is our top priority and our security practices exceed industry standards.

Supported hardware

Brands and endpoints

Electric vehicles

  • Vehicle charge state

    Read realtime vehicle charge state

  • Control vehicle charging

    Start and stop the vehicle charging

  • Vehicle information

    Get make, model, year and other data directly from the EV

  • Vehicle location

    Read location data as longitude, latitude

  • Vehicle odometer

    Get kilometers driven by the vehicle since dispatch

  • All endpoints
Supported vendors
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Citroen
  • Cupra
  • DS
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Hyundai
  • Jaguar
  • Kia
  • Mercedes
  • Mini
  • Nissan
  • Opel
  • Peugeot
  • Porsche
  • Renault
  • SEAT
  • Skoda
  • Tesla
  • Toyota
  • Vauxhall
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

Home chargers

  • Charger information

    Get make, model and other data about the charger

  • Charger charge state

    Get charge state, charge rate and charge time remaining

  • Control chargers

    Start and stop the charger

  • Create charging locations

    Set charging locations for smart charging

  • All endpoints
Supported vendors
  • Charge Amps
  • Easee
  • EO
  • EVBox
  • Wallbox
  • Zaptec


  • Thermostat information

    Get information about the type of heater, thermostat or heat pump connected

  • Read temperature

    Read the current room temperature

  • Control temperature

    Set and control the temperature in real time

  • Turn on or off

    Turn on or off the device for ultimate control

Supported vendors
  • Adax
  • Ecobee
  • Honeywell
  • Mill
  • Mitsubishi
  • Sensibo

Solar inverters

  • Inverter information

    Get information on the type and capabilities of the inverter

  • Energy production

    Get the real-time production from the solar panels

  • Historical production

    Get the historical production for different time intervals

  • Link to EV charging

    Link inverter and EV data for charging based on solar production

Supported vendors
  • Enphase
  • Fronius
  • Goodwe
  • Growatt
  • SMA
  • Solar Edge
  • Solis

Home batteries

  • Battery information

    Get information on the type and capacity of the battery

  • Battery state

    Get the current charge state, charge and discharge rate

  • Control charge and discharge

    Control the charge and discharge of the battery

  • Link to solar production

    Link battery and solar data for home energy optimization

Supported vendors
  • Tesla powerwall
  • Enphase

Ready to get started?

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