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Unlock smart energy use cases for your customers

Leverage out of the box algorithms for automated smart charging and energy device insights. Give your customers control of their energy consumption and costs.

  • Help your users save money

    Out-of-the-box Smart EV charging lets your users save hundreds of dollars per year - and increase the use of renewable energy in the process

  • Generate data and insights

    Use energy hardware data to show how your customers can use energy in a smart way

  • Reduce time to market

    Save months of development time with our ready-made Optimize endpoints. You probably have some other items on your dev backlog!

  • Get ready for demand response

    Smart charging and Scheduling creates energy flexibility that you can use and make money on.

How it works

Intelligent energy management through simple API endpoints

  • We use the Connect API and third party data

    We collect data and control the energy hardware. We also collect energy data from Nordpool and other sources to fine tune smart energy controls.

  • Then we add some magic energy algorithms

    Next we build out key energy features like smart charging, scheduling and statistics, using our knowledge about the device and real-time energy data.

  • Powerful, yet easy-to-use endpoints

    The result is powerful features that are simple to implement and roll out to all your users. We call it Optimize, and we think you'll love it!

Smart charging

Smart EV charging

Using our purpose built smart charging endpoint, Enode makes sure that the EV is charged in a way that is optimal for the owner, the vehicle, the energy provider, the energy producer, the grid and society as a whole.

It is a complex problem that requires data from a variety of sources and intelligent algorithms working continuously. We handle that complexity for you and package it into a powerful endpoint that is easy to implement.

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API highlights

  • Set charging deadline

    Let your customers set the time they want charging to be complete

  • Get estimated charging costs

    Display the the energy consumption and costs

  • Get estimated charging savings

    Let your users now how much they are saving on their energy bill by smart charging

  • Webhooks

    Let your customers be notified whenever there is a change in the smart charging state

  • Get smart charging plan

    Display the dynamically calculated charging schedule unique to the vehicle and location

  • Resilient execution

    Enode's algorithms take into account a large variety of edge cases and maximizes the chance for a successful execution


Flexible scheduling engine

Creating schedules for EV charging, heating, cooling or other energy usage is critical for optimizing a user's energy consumption. With our out-of-the box scheduling engine this is easy.

Our scheduling feature is highly flexible, meaning you can build any kind of scheduling use case. We support scheduling for several energy hardware categories, such as heat pumps, thermostats, EVs and EV chargers.

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API highlights

  • Flexibility

    Our scheduling engine supports any type of schedule

  • Weekday settings

    Set different schedules for different weekdays or when a user leaves the house

  • Webhooks

    Let your customers be notified whenever there is a change in the state of the hardware

  • Updatable

    You can update the schedule continuously, should there e.g. be a change in energy prices

Statistics and insights

Energy use insights

Statistics and insights are key for your customers to understand the value of your product. Our statistics endpoints makes it easy to demonstrate important metrics such as energy usage over time and savings generated.

Understanding the impact of new technology and behavior changes is part of the transition to a sustainable future.

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API highlights

  • Time series

    We manage the data so its easy for you to show data to your customers

  • Flexibility

    Data can be displayed in the granularity that makes sense to your use case

  • Savings

    We calculate savings generated by smart charging

  • Any hardware

    We have statistics for all supported hardware

Ready to get started?

Start exploring our APIs for free with our Starter plan, or get in touch to have us put together a custom plan for your company.

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