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Use case

Production, consumption & export monitoring

Enable users to view real-time and historical production, consumption, and energy export data. Users can monitor the impact their solar production has on their energy bill, and understand the role their solar exports have in reducing the percentage of non-renewable energy used by the grid.

  • Build an energy superapp

    Engage existing users and attract new ones by combining solar inverter data and other energy device data into a single app.

  • Help users save money

    Reduce your users' energy bill by helping them maximize their renewable energy production and consumption.

How it works

Enable production, consumption & export monitoring in your app

Users connect solar inverters

Users sign into their OEM account using Enode’s link UI, and easily connect their solar inverter to your app.

Users access solar inverter data

Users instantly see their inverter data, including brand, capacity, real-time production and more.

Customer story

Amp X uses Enode to unlock grid flexibility and customer savings

“Amp X was founded to deliver a customer-centric solution to the net-zero energy transition. Consumer engagement is key in delivering the cost savings available from participation in energy and flexibility markets, ensuring optimal energy management and dynamic load shaping in residential, commercial and industrial premises.”
Dr. Irene Di Martino


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The production, consumption & export monitoring tech stack

New to solar inverter monitoring? Below are the components you’ll need to launch it within your app.

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Enode integration

Solar inverter information

Reads user’s solar inverter brand, model, installation date, and location.

Production state

Reads whether user’s solar panel/s is producing energy.

Production rate

Reads the rate of production of user’s solar panel/s.

Production statistics

Reads historical production data about user’s solar panels.

Carbon intensity

Carbon intensity Optional

Integrate with a carbon intensity database so users can understand the role their solar energy exports play in reducing the percentage of non-renewable energy used by the grid.

Frontend application

Frontend application

Your mobile or web application.

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