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Use case

Smart heating & cooling

Reduce users’ energy consumption by sending a signal to their HVAC to reduce output or turn off entirely when energy costs rise, and turn on again when prices drop. Signals are sent automatically, while ensuring users’ environments stay within a predefined temperature range.

  • Monetize your user base

    Help users reduce their energy bill by up to 15%, and split the savings with them.

  • Engage and retain users

    Connect user energy devices – including EVs, solar inverters, and home batteries – to a single app, and surface valuable insights about energy consumption.

How it works

Enable smart heating & cooling in your app

Users connect HVACs

Users sign into their OEM accounts using Enode’s link UI, and easily connect their HVAC to your app.

Users access HVAC data

Users instantly see real-time HVAC data, including energy usage, in your app.

Users activate smart heating or cooling in your app

Users activate smart heating or cooling, and set their temperature parameters. Enode automatically sends commands to users’ HVACs to decrease output or turn off when energy prices peak, and turn on again when prices drop, ensuring users’ environments stay within a predefined temperature range throughout.

Customer story

TotalEnergies connects to customers' solar inverters, HVACs and more

"We are excited to work with Enode to bring innovative and sustainable energy solutions to the market. This partnership is a great example of our commitment to collaboration to support the energy transition and our focus on finding new and innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions."
Thibault Flichy

Program Director at TotalEnergies On

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The smart heating & cooling tech stack

New to smart heating & cooling? Below are the components you’ll need to launch it within your app:

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Enode integration

HVAC information

Reads user’s HVAC model, current temperature, and consumption rate.

Smart heating & cooling

Sends a command to put the user’s HVAC on a smart heating/cooling schedule, while always staying within the set temperature range.

Smart heating and cooling algorithm

Smart algorithm

Calculates the optimal heating or cooling intensity, based on HVAC data combined with energy market pricing data. You can use our off-the-shelf smart charging algorithm, or build your own.

Energy market pricing data - supplied by Enode

Nordpool or EPEX spot hourly pricing

Available across Europe. US customers can provide Enode with energy market pricing through our tariff API.

Time-series pricing data

Users can input information directly.

Carbon intensity

Carbon intensity Optional

Integrate with a carbon intensity database so users can schedule charging at periods of peak renewable availability.

Frontend application

Frontend application

Your mobile or web application.

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