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Who we are

We are building digital infrastructure that enables a zero carbon energy system

Our story

We’re on a mission

We are on a mission to build a sustainable energy system. Sustainability depends on electrification of energy-intensive sectors like transportation, and a transition from fossil to renewable electricity production. In combination, this will ultimately eliminate 50% of global emissions.

The fundamental challenge of a fully renewable energy system is the intermittency of solar and wind power. Better coordination of demand and supply is key to the solution. We need to use electricity when it is produced - not the other way around. This requires coordination of a highly complex ecosystem of energy consumers, producers, hardware and infrastructure, with an accuracy and at a scale that has never been done before.

A coordinated, smart and flexible energy system will reduce the cost and accelerate the pace of the energy transition - all the while securing reliability and empowering electricity consumers.

Enode’s APIs provide the digital infrastructure that enables all of this. Our solution allows consumers to take charge of their energy consumption, by automatically optimizing it based on price and renewable supply. It also allows businesses, ranging from large electricity suppliers to climate tech startups, to innovate at a faster pace and offer new value propositions to their customers. We get to see the results of that every day.

Through technology that automatically optimizes energy usage for millions of consumers around the world, we aim to be at the forefront of the energy transition. Our goal is to enable the next frontier of energy apps and services that will play a crucial role in solving the toughest challenge of our time.

  • 250+ millionEnergy customers reached
  • 1000+Energy devices supported
  • 100GWh+Managed through the Enode platform
  • 25%Average savings using Enode's Smart Charging


Meet our leadership team

  • Henrik Langeland

    CEO and co-founder

    Henrik has extensive experience from consulting and led his previous startup to a successful exit. He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Economics from NTNU.

  • Thorvald Thorsnes

    CRO and co-founder

    Thorvald has been working in the energy sector at BCG and led sales at two previous startups. He holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Economics from NTNU.

  • Mari Landsem


    Mari has extensive experience working with the energy transition through her time at McKinsey and Norfund. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from LSE.

  • Nikolai Heum

    CTO and co-founder

    Nikolai is an experienced tech leader with positions at NRK, Finstart and several startups. He studied communication technology at NTNU.


Backed by investors who share our vision for the future

  • Y Combinator
  • Creandum
  • Lowercarbon Capital
  • L2 Ventures
  • Sabina Wizander

    Partner at Creandum

  • Chris Sacca

    MP at Lowercarbon Capital

  • Helge Lund

    Chairman of BP

  • Scott Belsky

    CPO at Adobe

  • Jason Jacobs

    My Climate Journey

Our team

Join us

We are a team of ambitious and hard working engineers passionate about our mission. We are remote first, with team members located in Norway, Denmark, UK and Germany. We are growing rapidly, so if you like what we do and want to be a part of it please reach out.

Job openings

Our customers

A few of our customers

Companies around the world, from startups to large energy providers, work with Enode to accelerate the transition to a renewable energy system. The apps and services we power prevent emitting several tonnes of CO2 every day and help consumers use energy in a smarter and greener way.

Join the list
  • Fjordkraft
  • EON
  • Elton
  • Statkraft
  • Zapmap
  • Ovo energy
  • Gudbrandsdal energi

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