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Use case

Smart charging

Shift EV charging to off-peak periods by sending a signal to users’ EVs to stop charging when energy costs rise, and start again when prices drop. Signals are sent automatically, while ensuring users’ EVs are fully charged by a set time.

  • Monetize your user base

    Help users reduce their EV charging bill by up to 50%, and split the savings with them.

  • Engage and retain users

    Surface more valuable insights about charging behaviour than users can access in their OEM app.

How it works

Enable smart charging in your app

Users connect EVs

Users sign into their OEM accounts using Enode’s link UI, and easily connect their EV to your app.

Users access EV data

Users instantly see real-time EV data, including battery level, charge rate, charging status and more.

Users activate smart charging in your app

Users set a desired time by which their EV should be charged. Enode automatically sends a signal to users’ EVs to stop charging when energy costs rise, and start again when prices drop, ensuring EVs are fully charged on time.

Customer story

Fjordkraft cuts customer EV charging costs by 20%

"The partnership between Enode and Fjordkraft has been a win-win from the start. They have enabled us to become a market leader in EV connections and smart charging. The Enode team is years ahead of the competition when it comes to EV APIs and smart energy management and we look forward to pushing the partnership further with connection to more energy hardware and demand response."
Marius Øxenbjerg

Business Developer

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The smart charging tech stack

New to smart charging? Below are the components you’ll need to launch it within your app.

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Enode integration

Vehicle information

Reads user’s EV make, model, model year and odometer.


Reads the GPS coordinates of user’s last known EV location with a timestamp.

State of Charge (SoC)

Reads the current battery level, charge rate, plug-in status and charge time remaining to calculate optimal charging window.

Start and stop commands

Sends a command to user’s EV to start or stop charging.

Smart charging

Automatically charges the user’s EV when prices are low.

Energy market pricing data - supplied by Enode

Nordpool or EPEX spot hourly pricing

Available across Europe. US customers can provide Enode with energy market pricing through our tariff API.

Time-series pricing data

Users can input information directly.

Smart charging algorithm

Smart charging algorithm

Calculates the optimal charging time based on EV data combined with energy market pricing data. You can use our off-the-shelf smart charging algorithm, or build your own.

Frontend application

Frontend application

Your mobile or web application.

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