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Use case

EV smart solar charging

Connecting both solar inverters and EVs to your app means users can schedule their EV to charge at times of surplus locally generated solar energy. Instead of excess solar energy being sold back to the grid, it can be automatically diverted to start charging your users’ EVs.

  • Build an energy superapp

    Engage existing users and attract new ones by combining solar inverter data and other energy device data into a single app.

  • Help users save money

    Reduce your users’ energy bills by helping them maximize their renewable energy production and consumption.

How it works

Enable EV smart solar charging in your app

Users connect solar inverter and EV

Users sign into their OEM accounts using Enode’s link UI, and easily connect their solar inverter and EV to your app.

Users set EV charging parameters

Users can specify that the EV should be charging when excess solar energy is being produced. With an optional EVSE integration through Enode, users can set the charge rate of their EV to make sure it stays within predefined capacity tariffs.

Customer story

TotalEnergies connects to customers' solar inverters, HVACs and more

"We are excited to work with Enode to bring innovative and sustainable energy solutions to the market. This partnership is a great example of our commitment to collaboration to support the energy transition and our focus on finding new and innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions."
Thibault Flichy

Program Director at TotalEnergies On

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The EV solar smart charging tech stack

New to EV solar smart charging? Below are the components you’ll need to launch it within your app:

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Solar Inverter


Reads user’s solar inverter brand, model, installation date and location.

Production rate

Reads the rate of production of user’s solar panel/s.

Electric vehicle

Vehicle information

Reads user’s EV make, model, model year and odometer.


Reads the GPS coordinates of user’s last known EV location with a timestamp.

State of Charge (SoC)

Reads the current battery level, charge rate, plug-in status and charge time remaining to calculate optimal charging window.

Start and stop commands

Sends a command to user’s EV to start or stop charging.

Energy market price data - Supplied by Enode

Nordpool or EPEX spot hourly pricing

Available across Europe. US customers can provide Enode with energy market pricing through our tariff API.

Time-series pricing data

Users can input information directly.

Frontend application

Frontend application

Your mobile or web application.

Ready to get started?

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