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Connect your users’ HVACs to your app

Unlock new use cases like smart heating & cooling, demand response and home energy management, without the need for additional hardware. Energy management businesses like TotalEnergies, Fjordkraft and Amp X use Enode’s API to connect to, monitor and automate their users’ HVACs.

  • Access comprehensive HVAC data

    Surface real-time data from 26 HVAC models, and 300+ other energy devices, including EVs and home batteries.

  • Simplify your system architecture

    Trust a single integration to securely access normalized HVAC data, and send commands to start heating or cooling.

  • Launch new revenue streams in record time

    Cut engineering complexity and take new use cases to market faster.


What is an HVAC API?

Residential HVACs like thermostats, heat pumps and water heaters make up one-third of energy consumption and 10% of global electricity usage. But most HVACs are limited in their functionality, unable to respond to changing energy prices or connect to other energy devices in order to optimize energy usage.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow the exchange of data between users’ HVACs and management apps, without the need for additional hardware. HVAC APIs are used to remotely communicate with, monitor and control HVACs, providing greater control and flexibility for managing energy use.

Customer story

Amp X helps customers save 33% on their household energy bills

“Amp X was founded to deliver a user-centric solution to the challenges of net-zero energy transition. Consumer engagement is key in delivering the cost savings available from participation in energy and flexibility markets from behind-the-meter, ensuring optimal energy management and dynamic load shaping in residential, commercial and industrial premises. This partnership with Enode is a key milestone in our journey towards a fully transactive grid, enabling seamless integration between flexible assets and the markets, with no adverse impact on the needs and lifestyles of the end users.”
Dr. Irene Di Martino


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Popular use cases

  • Smart heating & cooling

    Sends commands to users’ HVACs to decrease output or turn off when energy prices peak, while ensuring users’ environments stay within a predefined temperature range.

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  • Demand response

    Balances the grid by connecting to HVACs and reducing their consumption during demand response events.

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  • Home energy management

    Increases renewable energy consumption, and gives users a holistic view of of their energy consumption.

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HVAC API data and commands

Enode’s API gives Product Managers access to a wide range of HVAC data and commands.

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HVAC data

HVAC information

See HVAC device ID and information about the unit, like brand, model and available settings.


See whether the HVAC unit is actively heating or cooling.

Current temperature

See current air temperature reported by device in degrees Celsius.

Consumption rate

See the current rate of energy consumption in kW.

Change setpoint

Change setpoint and heat/cool when current temperature falls below or above this point.


Tell HVAC unit to follow the schedule set on the device.

Smart heating & cooling

Tell HVAC unit to heat/cool based on energy tariff data.

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