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How energy data from Enode helps Amp X customers save 29% on their household energy bills

75%participation rate in long-notice (12-18 hours) residential Demand Response events, and a 33% response rate in short-notice events (20-60 minutes)
26%average saving on household energy bills for standard users, and an average of 29% for EV owners
15%EV scheduled charges overridden, while white appliance cycles were overridden 25% of the time, demonstrating high level of compliance with Alice scheduler

Amp X is leading the charge in rethinking the future of energy. Thanks to a unique whole-system approach, and an autonomous control architecture, Amp X is pioneering a future where sustainability meets customer-centricity.

One of Amp X’s offerings is a user-centric digital energy assistant: Alice. Alice simplifies and fully automates energy management for residential consumers, while helping balance the grid via dynamic load shaping.

Currently, consumers have to deal with complex dynamic energy tariffs, and manually manage their EVs, thermostats, and home appliances to keep energy bills down. Alice provides an alternative: by navigating the complexity of the home energy ecosystem and catering to their preferences on their behalf, the app removes the burden on consumers

Alice learns about and stores user preferences concerning appliance schedules, home temperature, EV usage and more. At the same time, Alice forecasts the load shifting potential in those devices. Alice then schedules device usage so that consumers can benefit from dynamic pricing and Demand Response events, without any effort or impact on their preferences.

Acting autonomously on behalf of consumers, Alice helps optimize energy consumption, and lower bills. And by participating in flexibility markets, consumers can make money, too.

The challenge: Access to comprehensive energy device data

Alice needs data to learn about customer behavior and household energy devices, and build greater automation into the system. But gathering and making sense of data from thousands of energy devices is a significant challenge.

One potential solution was for Amp X to integrate directly with OEMs – but that would have been unnecessarily time-consuming for the engineering team. A better alternative was to establish a simplified, standardized interface that would allow Amp X to connect a multitude of devices, and access granular energy data in real-time. Leveraging Enode’s API would mean Alice could be swiftly integrated into several device types and brands. It would also ensure the best possible user experience. Enode could deliver the energy consumption and behavioral insights Amp X needed through a single integration, helping optimize energy device scheduling.

The solution: A single integration and streamlined onboarding

Amp X tested several possible device integration solutions. Ease of onboarding was a key metric, as was the range and depth of integrations providers offered. While many solutions worked in part, some had complex, multi-step onboarding processes, while others offered only a limited spectrum of OEM integrations.

None could match Enode’s ease of onboarding and energy device coverage. Amp X partnered with Enode to act as its middleware platform, linking the Amp X platform to a multitude of energy devices (including EVs, thermostats, solar inverters, and batteries) via a single integration. Enode’s API allows Amp X to streamline its system architecture and access standardized energy device data securely and efficiently.

Expected results: Increased customer centricity and lower energy bills

Enode removes the complexity involved in building and maintaining multiple integrations, while allowing Amp X access to a considerable portfolio of energy devices. It also simplifies the onboarding process for customers, making it easier for them to connect their home energy devices and optimize their energy consumption.

Amp X has successfully deployed Alice in the UK, across a number of independent residential consumers within the Energy Systems Catapult Living Lab.

The results were impressive:

- A 75% participation rate was achieved for long-notice (12-18 hours advance notice) residential Demand Response events

- A 33% response rate for short-notice events (20-60 minutes advance notice).

- On average, Alice enabled consumers  savings of approximately 25% on their household energy bills, a figure that increased to almost 30% for EV owners.

- When surveyed by the Energy Systems Catapult, consumers gave Alice a confidence score of 8.5/10.

Enode's data access enhances Alice’s intelligence and forecasting capabilities, which are key to enhancing its decision capabilities. The Living Lab consumers showed a strong preference for automation, making manual adjustments to alter Alice’s recommended schedules only 30% of the time.

With Enode's support, Alice users  can now enjoy lower energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, without compromising comfort or convenience. At the same time, they can contribute to greater grid flexibility and the full decarbonization of the energy system.

Dr Irene Di Martino, Amp X CEO, stated: "Amp X was founded to deliver a unique digital energy platform, catering for a portfolio of user-centric solutions to accelerate the energy transition. Consumer-centricity is key in delivering the energy cost savings available from participation in flexibility markets, ensuring optimal energy management and dynamic load shaping from behind-the-meter. Our partnership with Enode is a key milestone on our journey towards unlocking flexibility at a large scale from behind-the-meter, and ultimately enabling a fully transactive grid which will allow the seamless participation of any energy  device into energy markets, with no adverse impact on the needs and lifestyles of consumers."

With technology constantly advancing and new challenges arising, it's safe to say that the world of energy innovation is full of opportunities. As we head into this uncharted territory, companies like Amp X are very well placed to adapt, solve, and lead the way into a future where energy is not just clean, but also user-centric and affordable. There's never been a more exciting time for energy tech than right now, and we're all geared up to achieve bigger, better things together.

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