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Home batteries

Connect your users’ home batteries to your app

Unlock new use cases like home energy management, demand response and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), without the need for additional hardware. Energy companies like David Energy use Enode’s API to monitor and optimize their users’ home batteries.

  • Access comprehensive home battery data

    Surface real-time data from 3 home battery brands, including battery information and State of Charge.

  • Simplify your system architecture

    Trust a single integration to securely access normalized home battery data and send commands like charge/discharge.

  • Launch new revenue streams in record time

    Cut engineering complexity and take new use cases to market faster.

Home batteries

What is a home battery API?

Home batteries allow homeowners to efficiently store surplus energy from renewable sources like solar panels. They can then deploy that surplus energy when it’s needed. This flexibility makes home batteries a valuable asset in a sustainable energy system. But to realize their full potential, energy management apps need to be able to remotely monitor and control home batteries.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow the exchange of data between users’ home batteries and energy management apps, without the need for additional hardware.

Energy management applications can use these APIs to access real-time data about a home battery's state of charge (SoC), and to control charge and discharge.

Customer story

TotalEnergies uses Enode's API to accelerate energy innovation

"We are excited to work with Enode to bring innovative and sustainable energy solutions to the market. This partnership is a great example of our commitment to collaboration to support the energy transition and our focus on finding new and innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions."
Thibault Flichy

Program Director at TotalEnergies On

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Home batteries

Popular use cases

  • Home energy management

    Increases renewable energy share and optimizes for self-consumption, in order to reduce reliance on the grid.

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  • Virtual power plants

    Aggregates distributed energy storage capabilities to deliver energy at short notice, in order to trade or balance the grid.

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  • Demand response

    Balances the grid by delaying charging during demand response events.

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Home battery API requests available through Enode

Enode’s API gives Product Managers access to a wide range of home battery data and commands.

Home battery data


See information about the home battery’s brand, model, capacity (kWh) and ID.

State of Charge (SoC)

See information about the status of the home battery, like battery level, charge rate, charge time remaining and more.

Charging statistics

See historical charging and discharge data for the home battery, including different resolutions and time intervals.

Charge and discharge action

Register a request for the home battery to charge or discharge.

Smart charging

Activate smart charging for the home battery, based on e.g. tariff data.


Set a charging or discharging schedule for the home battery.

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