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One integration, 1000+ energy devices

Connect to your customers' energy devices to build experiences they love. Control and optimize those energy devices through your app, so customers can save money and cut their carbon footprint.

Join other industry leading companies in building the future of green energy apps

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  • Monta

Our platform

Be the first mover in the future of energy

Enode’s APIs enable you to instantly connect users’ energy devices — including EVs, solar inverters, home batteries and thermostats — to your app. You can surface data, and then take action with it. Our out-of-the-box algorithms allow you to control and optimize your users’ energy devices.

A few lines of code will save you months of integration and ongoing maintenance. We cut the cost and complexity of building energy management apps, so you can focus on what matters: creating user-centric experiences that drive engagement, and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system.

connection handled by you
connection handled by Enode


Connect to and control thousands of energy devices

Connect to 1000+ EVs, solar panels, thermostats and more with one powerful API. Surface data from them all in your app.

  • One API integration
  • 80+ OEMs brands, 1000+ energy devices
  • SDKs and ready-built connection flows
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Unlock smart energy use cases for your customers

Leverage out of the box algorithms for automated smart charging and energy device insights. Give your customers control of their energy consumption and costs.

  • Out-of-the-box smart charging APIs
  • Statistics and insights APIs
  • Endpoints to build your own features
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Grow new sustainable energy revenue streams

Participate in flexibility markets by aggregating customers’ energy devices and loads. Create Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) that help balance supply and demand for renewable energy.

  • Monitoring, demand response and reporting APIs
  • Aggregation endpoints that are compatible with all major flexibility markets
  • Monetize assets with our local Demand Response partners
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Use cases

Smart charging

Automatically optimize EV charging

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Energy management and insights

Share the energy device data customers care about

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Demand response

Grow revenue from flexibility markets

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Enable smart route planning with rich EV data from public charging

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By developers, for developers

A single API for hundreds of energy devices

Access and control 1000+ energy devices with a few lines of code. Save months of integration and ongoing maintenance.

  • A single RESTful API for all connections
  • Web and native SDKs for hardware connection
  • Enterprise grade security by design
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Why Enode

Join other industry leading companies to accelerate green energy

The energy system of the future will include millions of connected energy devices. Those energy devices will be able to intelligently respond to fluctuations in renewable energy supply, so we can build and balance a sustainable grid. But they can only do that if all the nodes in the network – devices, energy apps, consumers and the grid – are connected, and able to speak to each other in real time.

At Enode, we deliver the infrastructure to control energy devices through apps, and optimize them for both consumers and the grid.

About our company
  • 250+ millionEnergy customers reached
  • 1000+Energy devices supported
  • 100GWh+Managed through the Enode platform
  • 25%Average savings using Enode's Smart Charging

Industries and applications

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  • Energy retailers

    Create energy super-apps that increase retention and unlock revenue from flexibility markets

  • Energy startups and apps

    Build market-leading energy apps that connect directly to your customers’ energy devices

  • E-mobility providers

    Surface real-time EV and charging data from multiple OEMs in your app


    Create residential DR programs with direct access to customers’ EVs, thermostats and more

  • EV fleet managers

    Access real-time SoC and location data for your entire fleet, at a fraction of the cost of OBD

  • Utility and grid owners

    Use aggregated EV data to anticipate grid constraints and build demand response programs at scale

  • Smart home providers

    Integrate EVs, thermostats and other energy devices into your solution, no hardware hub required

  • Don’t see your industry?

    We partner with companies across the energy ecosystem. Reach out to see how we can help you lead the transition to a sustainable energy system.

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