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Build the future of green energy apps

Enode provides everything you need to build great user experiences on top of green energy hardware.

Industries and applications

Used across a vast variety of industries

  • Energy retailers

    Create energy super-apps that increase retention and unlock revenue from flexibility markets

  • Energy startups and apps

    Build market-leading energy apps that connect directly to your customers’ energy devices

  • E-mobility providers

    Surface real-time EV and charging data from multiple OEMs in your app


    Create residential DR programs with direct access to customers’ EVs, thermostats and more

  • EV fleet managers

    Access real-time SoC and location data for your entire fleet, at a fraction of the cost of OBD

  • Utility and grid owners

    Use aggregated EV data to anticipate grid constraints and build demand response programs at scale

  • Smart home providers

    Integrate EVs, thermostats and other energy devices into your solution, no hardware hub required

  • Don’t see your industry?

    We partner with companies across the energy ecosystem. Reach out to see how we can help you lead the transition to a sustainable energy system.

Smart charging

Smart charging

The Enode API makes it easy to add smart charging functionality to your app. Let your users experience a frictionless smart charging sessions with insights into their custom smart charging plan, their estimated saving and the climate impact they are contributing to.

Smart charging is integrated with our aggregation engine making it easy to participate in flexibility markets.

  • >20% savings for the end-users on average
  • Increased user engagement and retention
  • First step towards demand response revenue
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Energy management and insights

Energy management and insights

Integrations to EVs, thermostats, solar inverters and other energy hardware can help your users understand and optimize their energy usage.

Show users their EV charging statistics, the effect temperature has on the energy bill or the CO2 footprint of their energy consumption - and help them understand how to make an impact. Build a closer connection to your users and a positive impact on the planet.

  • Complete overview of home energy usage
  • A closer connection to your users and their energy data
  • Powerful insights into green energy transition
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Demand response

Demand response

With only 1000+ users connected to your app you can build demand response programs with real impact. Our aggregation endpoints make it easier than ever to balance the grid and shift energy demand towards renewable supply.

The additional revenue accrued from demand response programs can be shared with the end-user to further incentivize participation.

  • Additional revenue from connected energy hardware
  • Positive impact on the grid and renewable supply
  • Win-win for the user, with $ saving and positive CO2 impact
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Real-time state of charge (SoC), charge rate and EV location is the quickest way to build powerful e-mobility use cases like smart route planners.

E-mobility and public charging can be frustrating without the right data at the right time. With data directly from the EV via the Enode API you can easily help your users on the e-mobility journey and build trust and engagement at the same time.

  • Smart route planning with SoC and location
  • Insights during public charging, like charge-time remaining
  • Real-time data that puts your users at ease on the road
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EV charging statistics

EV charging statistics

Customers want to see as much data as possible, and not just live data. EV charging statistics can be a powerful tool for increasing customer engagement as well as provide you with valueable insight into customers charging behavior.

Historical charge rates, total power charged split by location, and cost of charging are all data points available using our charging statistics endpoint.

  • Key insights into customer charging behaviour
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Time serialised and session based statistics view
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EV fleet management

EV fleet management

Fleet managers use the Enode API to get full control of their EVs. With real-time location data, odometer readings and charge state, they can optimize the utilization of their fleet, reduce charging costs and extend the life of their vehicles.

As fleets make the switch to electric, having the right management tools become increasingly important.

  • Complete fleet overview: SoC, location and more
  • Scalable software solution across brands
  • Proactive response to fleet data
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