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Use case

Demand response

Reduce or shift electricity consumption at peak times in order to balance the grid. Connect to and control multiple residential energy devices, so they can automatically respond to signals from the grid.

  • Turn users’ energy devices into revenue

    Balance the grid in real-time by connecting to your users’ energy devices. Incentivize user participation by splitting demand response revenue with them.

  • Participate in the ancillary market

    Facilitate the procurement and exchange of FCR by reducing residential energy consumption to address short-term frequency imbalances.

How it works

Enable demand response in your app

Users connect energy devices

Users sign into their OEM accounts using Enode’s link UI, and easily connect their energy devices to your app.

Users activate demand response in your app

Users can opt-in to automated voluntary load reduction, defining the period and limit for each energy device.

Users receive a share of demand response revenue

Users whose energy devices automatically participate in voluntary load reduction can have their account credited with a portion of the revenue generated.

Customer story

Amp X helps customers save 33% on household energy bills

“Amp X was founded to deliver a customer-centric solution to the net-zero energy transition. Consumer engagement is key in delivering the cost savings available from participation in energy and flexibility markets, ensuring optimal energy management and dynamic load shaping in residential, commercial and industrial premises."
Dr. Irene Di Martino


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Energy devices

Connect to a range of energy devices with Enode's API

  • Home batteries

    Connected home batteries store excess energy during times of surplus, and discharge it to users homes to prevent drawing from the grid.

  • Home chargers

    Connected home chargers reduce EV charging rate or stop charging altogether during periods of peak demand.

  • Electric vehicles

    Connected EVs reduce charging rate or stop charging altogether during periods of peak demand.

  • HVACs

    Connected HVACs reduce or stop cooling/heating during periods of peak demand.

The demand response tech stack

New to demand response? Below are the components you’ll need to launch it within your app.

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Enode integration

Energy device information

Reads the basic data about users’ energy devices.

Start and stop commands

Sends a command to user’s energy device to start or stop charging, or turn temperature up or down.


Monitors the total capacity of all connected energy devices which make up your Virtual Power Plant (VPP).


Activates your VPP and reduces load within 10 seconds for most home batteries.


Provides reports on actual flexibility delivered by your VPP.


Trades your flexibility in the local ancillary or wholesale markets.

Wholesale and ancillary market integration

All trading is done through our local market participant partners.

EU: Market integration and trading handled by Fever Energy. USA: Market integration and trading handled by Leap Energy.

Frontend application

Frontend application

Your mobile or web application.

Ready to get started?

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