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Carge partners with Enode

Carge is a Greek EV startup. How many EVs are there in Greece you ask? Not that many – yet.

In 2021, just under 7,000 EVs were sold in Greece. Not a huge number, but one that's exponentially increasing every year. At this rate, EVs will luckily soon be a huge part of the Greek car fleet. And Carge is making sure that everyone using one has an optimal experience on the road. Their mission is to make charging your EV effortless, which is pretty far from the current experience for the average EV driver.

Charging through Europe

So what does Carge really do? Simple. They have a stellar EV charging app that you can use across (almost) all public charging stations. This saves you the enormous hassle of creating users across all different charging networks and bringing with you the old RFID tag(s) to pay.

Carge have also built a neat route planner that shows you exactly where you should charge when going from Athens to Thessaloniki. And beyond! They are now live in 5 different European countries with more to follow. So your roadtrip can expand all across Europe in no time 🚗

In the Carge app, users get easy access to car data and State-of-Charge. Everything to enable the optimal user experience.

Giving the users what they want

Building the ultimate charging app is not simple feat. Not only do you need to nail the UX, UI and technical development of the app. You also need to integrate to all the different charge point operators (CPOs) out there, a number that is growing at least every month it seems like.

So when the users asked for more data directly from their EVs, Carge partnered with Enode to deliver on that promise. With integration to the Enode EV API Carge can now enable two key uses cases:

  1. More charging data, both when public charging and at home
  2. A better route planner with real time State-of-charge (SoC)
Live data from all EVs in your garage, all available in the Carge app.

In the Carge app, users now get real time charging data across all CPOs (the advantage of integrating directly to the EV ⚡️). This means SoC, charge rate, charge time remaining, all available for the end-users after having linked their car to Carge via the Enode API.

Users also get historical charging data, both for charging at home and on the road. A highly requested feature amongst new and experienced EV drivers!

Route planning is also improved. With real time SoC from the car, the user doesn’t need to input their battery levels manually every time they are going for a ride. A better user experience, through and through.

Smart route planning gives users the optimal route between A and B, enabled by real-time data from the EV. This reduces the manual data input required in many apps today and also the errors that can arise from inaccurate data. Win-win!

Scaling up

This is still early days for Carge (and EVs in general!). They are growing their team and adding more features and CPOs every week.

At Enode we love partnering with fast-moving startups that are pushing the boundaries for what a good user experience looks like. Hopefully Carge can lead the way and also inspire more players in the space to innovate. Together we can all be part of pushing the EV agenda forward, accelerating the transition the a sustainable energy system as a whole.

Carge is on a mission to create the optimal EV charging experience. To deliver on that, our users need real-time data from EVs straight in the Carge app. Partnering with Enode to achieve this has been hassle-free. We were up and running with the API integration after a few days and now have the broadest EV data coverage in Europe - for models that we did not have access to. This means we can scale faster to more users, which accelerates us on our mission toward a more sustainable future.

— Lefty, CEO and co-founder of Carge

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