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Chargetrip powers the next wave of EV charging apps

If you are on the road with your EV, you want to know the optimal route and where to charge along the way. Chargetrip is making it easy for companies to add these routes directly in their app, without going through the hassle of building all the technology themselves. Everything is provided in Chargetrip’s APIs (and white-label apps if want to get going right away).

Naturally, the Chargetrip team are experts on public EV charging and want to create the optimal experience for end-users. And one of the top requested features from these end-users was adding EV data directly from the car. That way the users don’t have to manually input their state-of-charge, and risk running low on energy before their next stop.

Building the optimal EV route

Chargetrip recently partnered with us at Enode to enable easy linking of EVs to all Chargetrip’s products, from their APIs to white-label apps. With data such as state-of-charge, charge rate, charge time remaining and more, Chargetrip will be able to calculate better routes and provide valuable insights to end-users while charging.

This will also increase value for Chargetrip’s customers, from OEMs to CPOs and EV fleet operators who all want to enable the optimal EV routing experience. More data and insights lead to better products and services, and enable faster adoption of EVs across the board.

Sustainability at heart

EVs are not just another type of car for Chargetrip, it is a key part of the future sustainable energy system. Their mission is to accelerate the world to sustainable energy, almost word for word what we are working towards here at Enode. No wonder we hit it off and now are working together towards this mission.

Gideon van Dijk, CEO of Chargetrip, puts it like this:

We are in a rush to transition the whole energy system to renewable. This will require a myriad of solutions and we believe that increased EV adoption is one crucial part of that. That is what we are working towards at Chargetrip and partnering with Enode will help us move even faster. Their EV API will make us able to improve the EV charging experience for end-users and thus increase the EV adoption across the world.

For us at Enode, enabling companies like Chargetrip to improve their products to the benefit of consumers is what it’s all about. We believe that this will accelerate the adoption of EVs and take the world in the right direction.

Our CEO, Henrik, added:

EVs are a huge part of the electrification we need to see happen to reach the goals in the Paris Agreement. But the EV experience needs to be on par or better for adoption to take off. Chargetrip is tackling a key challenge in that space, by enabling easy EV route planning for all companies. We are proud to be working with them on this mission.

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