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Energy Zero is building a complete Energy-as-a-Service platform

In the Netherlands there is a huge wave of innovation in the climate tech space. A lot of it accelerated by their high EV adoption rates and smart meter rollout.

Riding this wave is EnergyZero, a B2B2C technology company building the next generation of energy services. For businesses and their customers that want to jump on the wave themselves.

Sustainable and profitable

Together with her business partners, EnergyZero pioneered affordable energy contracts for consumers based on wholesale variable prices. This type of energy contract, increasingly popular in the Dutch market, empowers consumers to use energy when prices are low and renewable energy is available.

More and more companies want to help their users consume energy in a smarter and greener way, something the EnergyZero energy platform enables. EnergyZero makes it easy to launch your own energy services, all based on the same principle of variable wholesale prices. Her Energy-as-a-Service platform also includes smart energy management features, where the Enode API is now powering many of the EV features rolling out.

EnergyZero’s goal is to make products and services that are both sustainable and profitable. Very similar to our philosophy here at Enode. We are therefore super happy to announce EnergyZero as our first key partner in the Dutch market.

Smart EV charging and beyond

EnergyZero first added smart EV charging to their platform through cooperation with the charging app “Laadje”. This app makes it easy to automatically charge your Tesla when prices are low. Now EnergyZero has added the Enode API, allowing her business partners to scale immediately to 20 EV brands in Europe.

Smart charging with Energy Zero, powered by the Enode EV API.

EVs are just a first step for EnergyZero as they embark on their journey of sustainable business development. Their goal is to help end users optimize all aspects of their energy consumption, spanning heating, storage, solar and more. We unfortunately cannot go into all details here, but know that EnergyZero is a company to look out for in the climate tech space ⚡

Franc Klomp, Product Manager at EnergyZero, has the following to say about the partnership:

With the Enode partnership we enable our business partners to innovate and scale faster. It lets us focus on what we do best: helping businesses to provide smarter energy services that let consumers optimize their energy consumption and transition to renewables. The Enode EV API is easy-to-use and enables key features like smart charging right out-of-the-box. We also believe that the Enode team is moving fast in the connected DER space, and look forward to expand the partnership in the years to come.

Thank you, Franc! We look very much forward to working with you and the whole EnergyZero team. Go go go! 🚀🌎

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