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Frank Energie making smart energy services even smarter with Enode partnership

Frank Energie is a Dutch energy challenger that’s on a mission to “refresh the energy market with common sense”. They’re bringing a more transparent and innovative take on energy, looking to provide their customers with greener, cheaper, and smarter energy solutions.

After establishing their presence and gaining popularity in the Netherlands, Frank Energie is now also spearheading a shift to smart energy in Belgium – becoming one of the first companies to offer dynamic pricing options in the market.

With their strong focus on innovation, Frank is always looking to leverage the latest tech to improve their offering. Here’s how they’re helping customers – and the environment – benefit from smart energy solutions. And why partnering with Enode was a smart choice for them.

A range of smart services

Besides offering dynamic pricing models (where electricity price fluctuates hourly, according to demand), they also provide solutions that help customers minimize costs by encouraging them to consume electricity when it’s cheapest.

They currently do this with three different smart services:

Smart EV charging

Frank goes a step beyond the ‘traditional’ electric vehicle (EV) smart charging to make it even smarter. They do this by taking in account the harder-to-predict fluctuations in the imbalance market as well as the more stable European Power Exchange (EPEX) pricing.

This means the charging plan can be adjusted in real-time, to stop and resume charging when prices are more favorable. As a result, Frank customers can end up saving €1,000 yearly.

Smart power trading

Customers with a home battery can benefit from Frank’s unique smart power trading service. This lets them tap into the battery for trading in the imbalance market, sparing customers from high power prices.

And customers are not the only ones who win, of course – the economy and climate are also spared by this exchange. Thanks to this smart trading solution, power grids can reduce congestion and operate more reliably.

As an extra advantage, customers who use this service can end up paying back their home battery within 4-7 years – making it a great investment in sustainability.

Smart heating and cooling

Similar to the solutions above, Frank will soon offer a service to bring smart savings for customers with heat pumps or air conditioning. Depending on the imbalance market, heating and cooling can be temporarily switched off and on to optimize usage. 

With small adjustments and hardly any loss of comfort, Frank customers can end up saving a lot of money annually.

Scaling with the right partnerships

Frank is partnering with Enode to power their smart EV charging solution. By using Enode’s API, Frank’s customers can easily connect and control charging for their EVs via the Frank Energie app. Since Enode covers a wide range of electric vehicle brands and models, the team at Frank can get the best coverage through one integration – instead of having to build and maintain their own integrations to multiple models.

“The Enode partnership offered exactly what we needed. Besides having a more robust coverage, their solution offered fresh data and high reliability – guaranteeing better success rates” said Thomas Hulshof, Frank Energie’s founder and CCO. “Using Enode gave us more freedom in the design of our imbalance market steering algorithms.”

And because at Enode we are always updating our API and expanding coverage to include new models, the team at Frank doesn’t need to stress about keeping up with new releases or being able to serve new markets.

In fact, they are already planning to expand to Spain, as well as France or Italy this year – with a couple of other European countries to follow. We love to see their smart energy solutions becoming available to more consumers across Europe, and getting to work alongside them as they grow.

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