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Greenely is the innovative sustainable electricity company

Greenely is leading the way among the new generation of energy suppliers. They want to enable consumers to take control of their energy usage and ultimately use less energy. Especially when prices are high and there is no renewable energy available. Why? Because our planet depends on it and team Greenely wants to be part of the solution.

Their journey started in 2017 with the launch of their smart energy app. The goal was simple. Help users reduce their energy bill and consume more renewable energy. Since then more than 145 000 households have connected to the app, saving on average 20% on their energy bill.

In the Greenely app, users can see the real-time electricity price and activate smart charging for all their EVs

Data is nice, control is what you need

Empowering consumers is all about data and control.

Data is key because giving users insights into energy usage will incentivize action. What parts of my daily life is consuming a lot of energy? When am I using non-renewable energy? How much energy am I using compared to similar household? This type of data and insights will create more informed consumers that are able to act in a more sustainable way, for themselves and the planet.

Data is nice, but we won’t get very far without action. Control is about giving users the ability to actively manage their energy usage in a greener way. Ideally automatically, in the background, so you don’t run around turning your appliances on and off every hour.

The Greenely app is all about data and control, starting with your EV and eventually expanding into all energy hardware in and around your home.

Smart and green EV charging

On their journey to create the best green energy app for the modern energy consumer, Greenly have partnered with us in Enode. Together we are creating experiences that gives users more energy data than ever before, and automatically optimize their energy usage in real time.

Greenely started with Smart EV Charging. A very clear value proposition for every EV owner: automatically save 20% on all EV charging and always wake up with a fully charged car. Not only does is save the end-user money, it also increases the green energy mix and helps balance the grid. Win-win-win!

The Greenely app shows SoC and charge rate data directly in the app - all made possible with the Enode API.

To launch and scale this use case, Greenely connected their green energy app to the Enode API. Our out-of-the-box Smart Charging module handles all the complexity of getting energy market data and controlling the EV charging. Greenely on their end can focus on creating the optimal user experience.

And after a crazy energy market the last 6 months the results speak for themselves. Connected EV owners have saved on average 25% on all EV charging and there was also set an unofficial smart charging record: one of of Greenely’s users saved over 25$ on a single overnight charge 🚗

Connecting the dots

Electric vehicles is as mentioned just a first step for Greenely. Their goal is giving consumers a complete overview of their energy consumption by eventually integrating to thermostats, solar inverters, home batteries and more. This will let users optimize their entire energy consumption, for themselves and the grid as a whole. A more sustainable energy system, one consumer at the time.

We at Enode are of course thrilled to be part of this amazing growth journey. Key partners like Greenely have the consumers insights needed to push us in the right direction and we look forward to building a more sustainable energy system together with their amazing team.

As a CPO I want to solve customer problems and create value with all the use cases we are building into our app. But it takes a large team to talk to users, understand their problems and build an amazing experience that solves these in a good way. Partnering with Enode has made us able to move faster and build out key use cases like smart charging in record time.

— Joachim Grønvall, CPO of Greenely

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