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Kaluza scales their demand response offerings with the Enode API

Kaluza, one of the leading software companies in the energy space, has built a pioneering demand response product, Kaluza Flex. The technology connects to, manages and optimizes a broad set of distributed energy hardware to both balance the grid and make better use of renewable energy.

Energy retailers like OVO use Kaluza to offer innovative energy services to customers, enabling them to participate with their electric vehicle (EV), charger or home battery in the transition to a renewable energy system.

Scaling up energy hardware connections

In order to scale their platform and share the benefits with even more consumers, Kaluza partnered with us at Enode. With our Connect API, Kaluza is now able to connect to and control the charging of 90% of all EVs in Europe - all with a single cloud-to-cloud integration.

With this access, Kaluza can roll out EV smart charging and other energy services to more energy retailers and consumers, helping them save money and the planet.

We asked Michael Blom, Senior Product Manager at Kaluza, why they chose to work with Enode. This is what he said:

With Enode we get a plug-and-play API that makes it easy for us to scale our platform to the most popular EV brands and models. Setting up and maintaining these connections is something that would require a lot of our time and resources. With Enode, we can increase our speed to market and have peace of mind knowing that these energy hardware connections are taken care of.

International expansion next

Kaluza is currently deploying their platform together with leading energy retailers around the world, from OVO in the UK to AGL in Australia. They envision a future where the consumers’ energy usage is automatically optimized, both for end-user savings, but also grid capacity and renewable energy generation.

We at Enode are proud to be part of this journey together with Kaluza and their partners across the globe and look forward to making a dent in the green energy space for years to come.

About Kaluza

Kaluza is the leading real-time SaaS platform accelerating the shift to a zero-carbon world. From revolutionizing billing to smart electric vehicle charging, Kaluza’s technology is empowering some of the biggest energy retailers to better serve millions of customers.

About Enode

Enode is the leading provider of energy hardware APIs for EVs, thermostats and other distributed energy assets. Enode works with some of the largest energy companies in the world on apps and services that accelerate the transition to a green energy system. Enode’s APIs are used by energy companies with more than 60 million customers across the globe, and the company is backed by leading climate investors such as Lowercarbon Capital.

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