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Leap & Enode enable consumers to participate in the transition to a sustainable energy system

Enode and Leap have a shared vision: to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system. Achieving that vision depends on our ability to harness the power of energy devices, so we can program them to consume energy more flexibly.

That’s what Enode and Leap have joined forces to work towards. Together, we’re enabling a more holistic approach to managing and monetizing energy devices. It will help more residential energy customers participate in demand flexibility solutions and maximize the value of their energy devices - both for their wallets, and for the planet.

Demand response systems are stuck in the past

It used to be that at times of peak power consumption, energy providers would individually call large commercial energy users on the phone, requesting that they lower their consumption in exchange for reduced electricity rates.  Since then, things have moved on slightly: ‘demand response’ is now available to residential energy consumers across most of the United States.  But the methods enabling demand response remain stubbornly manual. It’s inconvenient for consumers, and unscalable for suppliers. Today, demand response is typically only leveraged to relieve grid strain during emergencies.

But a more dynamic distributed energy economy is emerging. More energy devices (like electric vehicles (EVs), solar panels and smart thermostats) are coming to the market that have the potential to not only reduce energy demand during grid emergencies, but also partake in energy markets to help balance the grid on a day-to-day basis.

The flexible energy opportunity

Residential homes make up 21% of total energy consumption in the United States, but residential participation in grid revenue programs has traditionally been fairly low. Now, virtual aggregation capabilities are making it possible for even small energy devices to contribute to grid stability. Technological advances enable these devices to respond automatically to signals from the grid to reduce or shift electricity consumption, removing the need for manual intervention by device owners. It means residential consumers can play a much more active role in helping to accelerate the energy transition - and get paid for it.

Leap and Enode help customers get more value from energy devices

Leap and Enode are making it easy for residential energy consumers to participate in demand response programs. Enode’s API connects, optimizes and aggregates energy devices of all kinds, including EVs, smart thermostats, heat pumps, battery storage systems and more. Leap’s platform offers easy access to energy markets for these devices, enabling participation in demand response and other grid services programs.

Both companies work with energy device manufacturers and service providers to create new revenue streams from their networks of energy assets. Leap and Enode are building more value for connected energy devices in homes by leveraging two intersecting trends:

1. Homes are increasingly adopting multiple electrified energy devices capable of bi-directional power flow, such as electric vehicles and battery storage systems. As this trend accelerates (thanks to incentives like those in the Inflation Reduction Act), homes will have an enormous amount of new flexible capacity.

2. There are a growing number of lucrative opportunities to monetize that flexibility in wholesale energy markets and utilities.

Enode makes it easy to integrate a range of energy devices and optimize their usage for participation in flexibility markets. Leap helps device operators stack value by participating in multiple grid revenue programs. By aggregating across many different energy devices to sell flexibility to the grid, Leap and Enode enable residential consumers to be part of virtual power plants that reduce the carbon intensity of the grid. Together, we’re making it easier for individuals to become active “grid citizens”, and get compensated for their role in supporting a more resilient, decarbonized power system.

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