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Micro Matic and Enode partner to help consumers make the most of home energy devices

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Micro Matic. Together, we’re accelerating the shift towards a renewable energy system, and elevating home management for countless Micro Matic customers.

Thanks to our partnership, Micro Matic customers will now be able to seamlessly monitor and optimize their Microtemp MWD5 thermostats using their preferred home energy application. This not only enables effortless control, but also empowers consumers to choose greener and more cost-efficient energy consumption.

Micro Matic is committed to helping consumers use energy efficiently

For more than five decades, Micro Matic has committed itself to delivering top-tier electro and HVAC solutions for the Norwegian market. Throughout its journey, sustainability has remained a cornerstone of Micro Matic's mission not only through more energy-efficient products but also by nearshoring and ensuring excellent product quality. The company takes pride in ensuring that its products meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, adhere to circular practices, and provide added value for customers throughout their lifetime. Micro Matic thermostats have been Norway's best-selling thermostats for several decades, highlighting the strong affinity customers have for their products.

Enode instantly connects devices to home energy management applications

Enode's partnership with Micro Matic enables consumers to unlock additional value from their home energy devices. Enode makes it possible to connect a wide range of home energy devices with a single API, and to share their data with home energy management applications. In just a few taps, Micro Matic customers can integrate their devices with their application of choice, or even link them to other home energy devices, like their EV or solar inverter.

This connectivity not only allows consumers to control and optimize their devices via their preferred application, but also facilitates diverse energy management use cases, from insightful consumption data to intelligent heating. It means that consumers can take action to lower energy costs, reduce their carbon emissions, and contribute to a more adaptable and scalable grid, while at the same time optimizing their indoor climate directly from their phone.

Empowering individuals to drive the energy transition

Aleksander Ødegård, Product Manager of Micro Matic said: “This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing our customers with user-friendly, cutting-edge solutions that empower them to take control of their energy consumption, reduce costs, and contribute to a sustainable, resilient energy landscape”.

Henrik Langeland, CEO and co-founder of Enode said: “We are excited to join forces with Micro Matic in our shared commitment to building a greener future. This collaboration holds immense value as we combine our expertise to empower individuals, and make sustainable choices effortless".

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