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How Powerley helps energy customers control and optimize consumption with real-time DER data from Enode

Powerley is one of the leading providers of home energy management solutions in the USA. More than a million users have turned to the app to aid in managing their energy and lowering their utility bills. So far, Powerley has delivered over 100 GWh in energy savings.

Now, Powerley’s launching the next generation of home energy management experiences and, with the help of Enode’s API, delivering even more value to users.

Powerley Live lets users seamlessly enroll their household Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into virtual power plants (VPPs), and optimize their energy consumption.

Enode’s API makes it easy to connect DERs including electric vehicles, solar inverters, and smart thermostats to Powerley Live. With access to real-time data and device controls, Powerley Live dynamically manages DERs to drive even more savings.

Helping utilities optimize DERs and engage energy customers

The partnership is transforming the way utilities engage with energy consumers. A key feature of Powerley Live is PowerNet, a disaggregation service which grants real-time visibility over the energy consumption of individual DERs.

Enode, which provides integrations to over 800 different DERs through a single API, enables Powerley to connect with the most commonly-used DERs across the utility territory. PowerNet uses data from the DERs to create load profiles, which utilities can then leverage to establish VPPs at the household or neighborhood level.

With this data and control, utilities can give consumers a granular understanding of their energy usage across devices. And, they can offer a range of demand response solutions which dynamically manage consumption to help reduce costs.

Empowering customers with seamless home energy management experiences

Powerley Live not only offers expanded functionality for energy customers – it also makes it much easier for them to manage their everyday energy usage.

Enode removes the complexity of integrating with DERs. Users can connect their devices to Powerley Live with just a few taps, and take action to control and optimize consumption.

One key use case that is now available is EV smart charging. Users simply connect their EV to Powerley Live, and Enode’s smart charging algorithm does the rest. It  automatically shifts charging to the lower-cost and less carbon-intensive energy hours, while still ensuring sufficient charge for the EV.

“Managing energy has never been easier or more efficient thanks to our collaboration with Enode,” said Paul Wezner, chief product officer at Powerley. “Enode enables us to seamlessly integrate DERs, like EVs and smart thermostats, and deliver minute-level insights that help both utilities and energy consumers monitor and optimize device consumption. With DER data from Enode, we’re able to build innovative products that drive sustainable energy practices, and empower consumers with next-generation home energy management solutions.”

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