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Enode and NIBE Energy Systems partner to help consumers get more value from their home energy devices

We’re delighted to announce that Enode has entered into a partnership with NIBE Energy Systems.

We join forces to accelerate the shift towards a renewable energy system, by making it easier to use energy when it’s greenest and cheapest. Our partnership enables NIBE owners to seamlessly connect their energy devices to various Enode-powered applications, so they can gain insights into their energy consumption, and participate in a range of programs to optimize it.

NIBE is an industry leader in sustainable energy solutions

NIBE is committed to helping customers lower their carbon footprint and optimize their utilization of energy. NIBE has been producing energy-efficient and sustainable indoor climate solutions for over 70 years. The first NIBE heat pump was produced in 1981 and in 2014 the Smart Price Adaption, a cost optimization by demand side flexibility, was launched. Today, NIBE is a leading provider of heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water products.

NIBE also provides a range of smart home accessories to enable connectivity and optimization across the home. The NIBE app allows customers to connect and manage their devices, serving up insights about status and performance, and enabling remote control.

Enode enables interoperability across the energy ecosystem

Partnering with Enode means NIBE customers can now get even more value from their home energy devices. Enode connects energy devices and unlocks data, so that device owners are empowered to reduce their consumption. Thanks to Enode’s API, NIBE customers can connect their NIBE devices to a wider range of energy management applications, and to the other energy devices in their home, like their EV or solar inverter.

This means NIBE customers can control their NIBE device from their preferred application, and take advantage of more energy management use cases, from better energy insights to intelligent heating. By opening up NIBE device connectivity and data, Enode helps NIBE customers lower their energy costs and carbon emissions, and facilitate a more flexible, resilient grid able to scale with growing demand from industry electrification.

Leading collaboration and innovation in the energy sector

Tim Olsson, global product manager for controls and connectivity of NIBE said: “Enode is pivotal in improving interoperability across the energy sector, and helping NIBE customers realize more value from their home energy devices. By enabling seamless integration of NIBE devices with energy management systems, we are empowering customers to become active participants in the energy transition. Optimizing their consumption not only drives cost and carbon reductions, but contributes to the sustainability of the energy system as a whole.”

Henrik Langeland, CEO and co-founder of Enode, commented, "Partnering with NIBE, a leading manufacturer of heating and indoor climate solutions, fits very well with our mission to speed up the energy transition. By combining NIBE’s expertise and passion for energy efficiency with Enode's skills in connecting and optimizing energy devices, we're set to significantly reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. Together, we're taking a concrete and meaningful step towards building a greener future."

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