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Enode's growth is accelerating

It’s clear that electric vehicles (EVs) will become the dominant form of transportation. Every major car manufacturer have by now announced that they will completely abandon the combustion engine within the next decade. As the technology matures and prices continue to fall, EVs are becoming the only economically sensible choice for consumers. The effect can already be seen in EV sales, which in Europe is now growing at a yearly rate of almost 400%.

We also need to reduce emissions from electricity generation. In practice, the reduction will come from new solar and wind production. This means that we have to transition from an energy system that is designed to generate electricity when it suits us, to one where wind and solar generation dictates our consumption patterns. Enode’ technology is making it possible for utilities to handle this transition by for instance building “smart charging” for EVs.

EVs will play an important role in complementing renewable energy production and for most utility companies they represent a multi-billion dollar opportunity. By connecting an EV to Enode’s API it will respond to local solar and wind production. It will absorb excess energy production and act as a reservoir in times of deficits. This way EVs will enable a fully renewable energy system and a more resilient grid.

Together with our customers, we are accelerating the transition to a zero carbon energy system. Some of the largest and fastest growing energy providers in Europe are integrating our API in their apps and we’re growing at a rate of 30 % per month. We are currently reaching millions of people that can connect their EVs, home chargers and heating devices. In return they are reducing their energy bills by more than 20 % and consuming greener energy.

We recently partnered with investors who share our vision for the future incl., Lowercarbon Capital (led by Chris Sacca), BoxGroup, Liquid2 and Skyfall Ventures. Participants also included well known angel investors such as Jason Jacobs (MCJ/Runkeeper), Scott Belsky (Adobe), Gustaf Ahlstromer (YC) and Helge Lund (chairman of BP). The $2,2 million we’ve raised will enable Enode to grow even faster.

We have only started our journey and there are many exciting new products and features to build for existing and future customers. Are you ready to work on the most important challenge of our lifetime? If you’re tired of just talking and ready to take action, we would love to get to know you. We need exceptional engineering, business development, analytics, product and operations talent. We’re open to remote positions as well. Check out our job board and/or reach out to

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