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Enode is now open to everyone, everywhere

In 2014, Nikolai Heum tweeted that he wanted to hack around with an API to connect to an EV. “Do I need to travel to the future?”.

Fast forward eight years, energy devices like EVs have come a long way. It’s now possible to optimize individual energy devices including EVs, heat pumps, solar inverters and home batteries from within the manufacturers app. But, connecting to multiple energy devices requires significant engineering resources, patience and deep pockets. Developers should be able to focus on building on top of energy devices, rather than focusing on connecting to them. That’s why we founded Enode.

The value of connected energy devices

Over the past two years, we’ve partnered with companies like E.ON, OVO, Monta and Fjordkraft to help thousands of customers optimize and automate their energy devices. Here are two customers which are building the next generation of energy using Enode:

Monta, an operating platform that powers the EV ecosystem, uses Enode to access up-to-date, normalized EV data from every vehicle manufacturer. This data makes EV charging simple, accessible and reliable. Rather than integrating with each EV brand separately, Monta used Enode to access the data in less than a week, and at a fraction of the cost. Tens of thousands of drivers can now charge their EV at any of the 250K+ charge points across Europe. They no longer have to download different charger apps from different manufacturers, and manually input their State of Charge (SoC) just to refuel.

Thousands of users have connected their EV to Monta's app to simplify the charging experience and more.

Fjordkraft, a leading energy supplier in Norway, uses Enode to connect to all major energy devices in their customers' homes. With this information, they've helped tens of thousands of Norwegian customers understand their energy consumption and automatically optimize their energy devices. Customers can program their EV to start/stop charging automatically from within the Fjordkraft app in real time when energy prices rise or drop - which has cut the electricity bill of some households by as much as 20%.

We’re also beginning to see new and novel use cases emerge. Energy companies and startups are finding new ways to drive value for the customer using their connected energy device data. I’m particularly excited about the use cases our customers have built to save end-users money - like smart EV charging and scheduled heating. The global energy crisis means that this winter will be hard for many households. Services like these, which lower end-users' energy bills will be critical, and we’re excited to see so many of them already making a very real impact.

Opening up Enode to anyone, anywhere

Today we’re excited to share that we’re opening access to our platform, so anyone can sign up and start building on top of almost any energy device without the complexity, cost or time that usually comes with doing it yourself - all at no cost to get started. With our Starter plan, you can register up to 5 energy devices and make unlimited API calls per device, per month. Our APIs and public docs give you the tools to realize the full potential of your energy devices.

Anyone can sign-up here. We look forward to seeing what you build! If you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Ready to get started?

Start exploring our APIs for free with our Starter plan, or get in touch to have us put together a custom plan for your company.

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