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Netatmo and Enode partner to improve connectivity and comfort inside smart homes

Netatmo, part of the Legrand group, is one of the world’s leading providers of smart home technology. Netatmo’s goal is to make everyone’s homes safer and more comfortable, with its catalog of intelligent hardware. Their smart home products include HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) solutions that automate home energy management and make life easier for customers.

HVAC systems account for 8% of total energy consumption. Making them more energy-efficient is an important step on the journey towards decarbonization. Technology like Netatmo’s can be programmed to help save energy without sacrificing comfort, and has an important role to play in our transition towards a more sustainable energy system.

Increasing customer choice and control

Netatmo has partnered with Enode to help customers get even more value from their HVAC devices.

Using Enode’s API, Netatmo customers can now instantly connect their Smart Thermostats and Smart Radiator Valves to a wide range of third party applications, like those offered by their energy retailers or other home energy management apps of their choice. This creates much more choice and control for customers, who can use their preferred app to monitor, manage and optimize their HVACs alongside their other home energy devices, including EVs, solar inverters and more.

These apps not only centralize home energy management and seamlessly control the indoor climate, but can also help customers reduce their energy consumption and cut costs.

The partnership is a reflection of Netatmo’s commitment to empowering customers. They take an open API approach, making interaction with Netatmo products as easy as possible for the third parties with which device owners have consented to share their data.

Building devices with interoperability in mind is ultimately to the benefit of the whole energy ecosystem. By providing access to devices and their data, Netatmo encourages software competition and innovation, and ensures customers have more and better choices when it comes to home energy management applications.

Removing barriers to HVAC ownership

The partnership has come at a good time. The government of Netatmo’s native France has recently launched an initiative to refund up to 80% of the purchase and installation costs of new thermostats. Every French home must be equipped with multi-zone thermostat control by January 2027 in order to reach carbon-neutrality targets.

Thanks to Enode, Netatmo is now able to reach an even bigger slice of this growing market. Customers’ ability to use any application in conjunction with their Smart Thermostat makes Netatmo an attractive option. Rather than limiting customers to one application, Netatmo allows them to use whichever software delivers the best experience, and unlock even more lifetime value from their device.

“Partnering with Enode puts customers in control of their home energy consumption,” said Alexandre Menu, CEO at Netatmo. “Rather than being locked into one application, our customers now have total freedom over the way they interact with and manage their Netatmo HVAC systems. It gives them more choice and more control – not only over their home environment and heating bills, but over the whole energy transition.”

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