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XPENG pushing for innovation and better EV experiences with Enode partnership

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPENG hasn’t been one to shy away from innovation. With a mission to drive the Smart EV transformation, XPENG is continuously pushing to develop new technologies and elevate their customers’ experience. Here’s how XPENG's is taking another step toward that goal, and pushing for better collaboration across the energy system by partnering with Enode.

A rising star in the EV market, XPENG has seen tremendous growth, reporting a 171% year-over-year increase in unit deliveries at the end of 2023. And more explosive growth is sure to follow as they plan to expand their line to offer more affordable EVs.

Demonstrating their fast-moving approach to innovation and commitment to increasing collaboration within the industry, XPENG developed a third-party API for Enode to use in record time. Here’s what this partnership entails, and how it’s benefiting XPENG owners as well as the green energy transition.

A mutually beneficial API partnership

At the core of the XPENG-Enode partnership lies an official API, developed by XPENG to let Enode access data from XPENG vehicles (always with the owners’ consent). This integration helps XPENG customers effortlessly connect their EVs with a wide range of energy-related apps and services, enhancing ease of use and accessibility.

By tapping into Enode's platform, XPENG also streamlines connectivity across an ecosystem of energy management apps – with Enode already serving over 100 apps across 19 countries.

This approach spares XPENG from managing multiple individual connections, saving them valuable time and resources. It also enriches the user experience by providing unmatched flexibility and choice, allowing customers to tailor their EV experience to their preferences.

Giving XPENG customers more control and better energy management choices

The partnership helps XPENG customers tap into a wide range of energy-related functionalities through different energy management apps. This gives them more flexibility, and helps them save costs. The result is an improved experience for XPENG owners, resulting in (even) higher customer satisfaction.

Popular use cases that energy management apps offer to EV owners include smart charging or home energy management:

  • Smart charging helps EV owners optimize their charge time to reduce cost or maximize their use of green energy. In some cases, this could mean savings of up to 70%.
  • Home energy management apps let users control all their energy devices in one place, giving a more holistic overview of their energy consumption, and a simpler way to take action and make choices over their home energy use. Homeowners with solar panels, for instance, can choose to prioritize self-consumption of their solar energy when charging their EV.

The ability to tap into these capabilities – and other innovative energy management solutions – ultimately decreases the cost of ownership for XPENG customers, and makes their offering more attractive to new buyers.

Collaborating towards a more sustainable future

The way we see it, partnerships like this really highlight the value of working together to contribute to a more sustainable energy ecosystem. XPENG’s collaboration with Enode is helping them, their customers and the environment reap benefits. A classic win-win-win.

As the EV landscape continues to evolve, initiatives like this underscore the importance of openness and collaboration in driving meaningful change. By empowering customers with choice and flexibility, EV manufacturers like XPENG are driving the change toward a greener, more sustainable future.

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